Welcome to Buddylicious Dog Treats!

Buddylicious Dog Treats are specially homemade just for your pet. We offer them in a variety of fun shapes of your choice! We also allow you to choose the quantity you desire. And for a limited time we are giving away "FREE SAMPLES!" We make them straight from our home kitchen then send them directly to your home for your pet to enjoy. We guarantee your furry friends will be beggin' you for more.

How our business began:

My mother very much enjoys searching for new recipes, and one day she came across a recipe for dog treats. We decided to give them a shot for our dog Buddy. When we gave them to Buddy, he ate it in almost one bite. He loved them! I have always wanted to start my own business but I wasn't sure what exactly it would be. I was talking to my mother about it one day and she told me "you know those dog treats? I thought about selling them!" Everything just started from there and here we are now offering them to you so that other dogs may enjoy them as well.